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Abel Fly Reel – You Can’t Beat This Quality And Level Of Innovation

When buying fishing equipment for your fly fishing ventures, few can argue about the true quality and appeal of the Abel fly reel. This brand, introduced to the market by Steve Abel and Mel Krieger, offers their customers with so many wonderful aspects to this fine reel. What stands out among the most notable features with the brand’s reel is the amount of options you have. The options that this reel gives you make for greater inter-changeability and usefulness.


Many of the fly reel products are swappable, and meet all of the standard fittings from one fly rod to the next. For example, if you happen to have a fly rod from Abel, and wish to switch reels from the Large Arbor Super Series to the Big Game Series reel, you can easily do so. In fact, it will only be a quick switch. There are many different styles of reel available today, ranging from matte non-reflective finish to the elegant black high gloss coral. If you happen to be a little more distinctive in your style choices, this reel also comes in platinum, gold or specialty anodized finishes as well. Some of these reels are better than others and you need to make sure your stable especially if your using a fishing kayak. Here is a list of the best fishing kayaks from

A truly great feature of this reel is the innovative arm. This arm moves the center of gravity slightly off the reel seat for a more balanced feel. With the fly reel and its arm engaged, you would notice a considerable amount of stress reduction and a better level of comfort. The new arm is a wonderful addition to any fly fishing setup and will allow for a more relaxed cast and reel-in movement. The arm and the fly reel combo are very light and durable, making the rod an easier tool to maneuver and carry around.

It does not matter if you happen to be left handed or right handed with the Abel fly reel, as it is completely convertible to accommodate both styles for all fishermen. When you face the situation where you are a left-handed cast, and the reel is set to right hand all have to do is flip the reel around and you are set to go. You can be sure you are buying quality when you buy an Abel reel. Look for a reputable dealer near you and see why people are raving about this product. Abel and the fine products that they produce are sure to fill all of your fly fishing needs, and will always do it in style.

kayak fishing

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